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SOA Garment "Garment Manufacture & Trading"


  1. Design and pattern making: This involves creating a design for the clothing and creating a paper pattern to be used as a guide for cutting and sewing the fabric.

  2. Fabric selection and sourcing: The appropriate fabric is chosen based on the design and the intended use of the garment. The fabric is then sourced from textile mills or wholesalers.

  3. Fabric cutting: The fabric is cut according to the paper pattern using machines such as lasers or automated cutting machines.

  4. Sewing: The cut fabric pieces are sewn together using sewing machines to create the finished garment.

  5. Finishing: The garment is subjected to various finishing processes, such as pressing and steaming, to give it the desired fit and appearance.

  6. Quality control: Quality control checks are performed to ensure that the garment meets the required standards.

  7. Packaging and distribution: The finished garment is then packaged and shipped to customers or warehouses for storage.

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